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Great care starts with great people. That’s why the Fountain Springs staff is made up of people who are warm, caring, and dedicated. Our nurses work around the clock to provide expert nursing care. And our dedicated caregivers and aides respond to our residents’ every need. Personal care, concierge services, companionship – assistance is there, at the push of a bedside button.

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Contact us today to arrange free consultation for you or your loved one. Our admissions team is standing by and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Get in Touch With Us


Contact us today to arrange free consultation for you or your loved one. Our admissions team is standing by and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

About us

Providing Excellent Care And Patient Satisfaction

Fountain Springs has become synonymous with stellar skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, delivered by the most dedicated and compassionate caregivers. Our mission is to provide unprecedented levels of care and service to our community, in a warm and homelike atmosphere.


Our interdisciplinary care team will design an individualized rehabilitation program with progressive levels of therapy, to assist you in achieving the highest level of rehabilitation.

Taking Care Of Them To The Fullest

Short-term Care

Ready to optimize recovery and reclaim independence following hospitalization due to illness or surgery?

Long-term Care

Looking for a nurturing environment for those with a chronic illness or disability who cannot be cared for at home?

Where Caring is a way of Life

Let’s Make A Caring Connection

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Palliative Care
Pain Management
Wound Care
Feeding Tube Care
PICC Line Care
Hospice Care
Skilled Nursing Care
Respite Care


What They Say About Us

To an Incredible Health team l am a resident here at Fountain Springs. I really enjoy your care and attention. The team at Fountain Springs go above and beyond to connect with me as a patient they always listen to me concerns. Thank you is not enough; the staff here goes a lang way in boosting people's spirits and helping them know they’re appreciated. The team here works very hard to keep everyone safe, healthy. and happy. And they all work even harder keeping everyone entertained and safe. If you’re thinking about placing your loved one, Fountain Springs is unique in its compassion for its residents.


Dear Karen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Fountain Springs for the special care given to my wife Diane from the first day she arrived, April 30th, until her discharge on June 9th. The staff worked fluidly to ensure all of Diane's needs were attended to each day. They were friendly and knew their role in the scheme of things. The daily maintenance, cleaning the rooms and emptying trash, delivering meals on a regular schedule all added up to a positive experience for Diane. Also noteworthy was having questions answered and problems solved which I had the opportunity to observe during the operations every single day of her stay. The consistency and positive attitudes were fuel for my hopes that Diane would return to the person I knew before her medical emergency. I clearly remember the last words I shared with you and Diana: "I brought you a patient and you returned my wife to me." Clearly, your jobs are challenging yet the daily trials and challenges were met with professionalism! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the jobs that you do to get people ready to meet their daily lives head on. I would not hesitate to recommend your re-habilitation center to any of my friends. Keep the faith and keep the pedal to the medal in your future endeavors! THANK YOU!

Chuck and Diane

Overall stay was fantastic, everyone came and checked on me. When I first got here, I was an emotional wreck and all staff here at Fountain Springs changed my life not only emotionally but physically. I rate Fountain Springs with 5-starts. Fountain Springs saved my life. Stephanie the Occupational Therapist came and chatted with me which made me feel especially special. As for the Activity Dept. it was the highlight of my day everyday something to look forward to. It was a wonderful experience/stay here at Fountain Springs and for that I am abundantly grateful.

Tammy H.